Senior Backend Developer

We are looking for for a experienced backend developer who gets his/her kicks from new technologies and team work. Equipped with several years of experience you want to take responsibility in building challenging backend solutions, APIs and microservices from planning to execution.

Are you Lamia's next Senior Backend Developer?

In programming you always aim for smart solutions that stand the test of time. With your expertise you are able to help the whole team, share insights to other developers and contribute to even large scale projects in a very tangible manner and with insightful applications. Depending on your expertise, experience and interests we also offer you the chance to take more responsibility, developing our operations and practices on a wider scale.

Lamia is specialized in demanding high performance digital services, ecommerce solutions and integrations utilizing agile methods. We believe in the MACH approach: Microservices, API driven, Cloud native & Headless. You'll get to develop solutions for our customers together with architects, cloud engineers, data scientists and project managers.

What we wish from you

  • Several years' experience in software development - we widely use Typescript(Node) and PHP in our projects but also e.g. Java, C# or Python knowledge is an advantage
  • Experience working with Linux
  • Interest to work with Google Cloud based technologies, such as Storage, BigQuery, Datastore, PubSub, Dataflow, Kubernetes (other key technologies include Bamboo, Docker, ElasticSearch, MySQL)
  • Knowledge on modern web technologies and APIs (e.g. headless approach, REST, GraphQL, queues)
  • Good team and communications skills
  • You're ready to put both your technological knowhow and soft skills into use when working with the team in order to reach project goals

We count as a plus:

  • Interest in microservices and their architecture
  • Knowledge on frontend development, at least on a co-operational level (JS/CSS/HTML)
  • Experience in different cloud environments, such as GCP, Azure and AWS.
Wanted at Lamia: Experienced Backend Developer

As a member of our development team:

  • You'll get a mentor who will help you to get to know the Lamia culture and guide you with the details of your projects and tasks
  • You'll work in close collaboration with our backend and frontend developers
  • You'll get to work on diverse and challenging customer projects, utilizing the technologies that best fit the project needs
  • You develop together with your colleagues our practices (e.g. CI/CD configurations, code style, libraries, internal frameworks). We are not set in our ways but want to continuously develop our ways of working and our working environment.
  • You'll get to experience the supportive and open atmosphere of Lamia where there are no stupid questions and development ideas are encouraged.
  • You can enjoy our flexible working hours and state-of-the-art working equipment
  • You'll have flexibility in choosing your preferred software for your own work.
  • Depending on your expertise, qualities and wishes we can build you a career path towards e.g. a technology lead, a team lead or some other role.
  • We offer the cookies and coffee to fuel the development work
  • You can participate in Tech Meetups, hackathons and and other events organized by our developers

What we offer

We work in agile methods without any unnecessary bureaucracy. That's how we can concentrate all our energy to the essential – working. When we get the right talent in the door, we make sure their planned career paths become a reality. Our employees enjoy working at Lamia which is reflected as high employee satisfaction and as exceptional employee retention.

We offer a brand new office in the city center of Helsinki, modern working equipment, good ergonomics, comprehensive occupational health care and phone, lunch and recreational benefits, not to mention a superb atmosphere. In addition, we have compensation models to reward for commitment to our company.


If this caught your interest and you would like to join our team, please send your application and CV from the link below. Additional information regarding the position is available from Jarmo Krohns +358 50 569 6043 / We will fill this position as soon as we find a suitable candidate.

About Lamia

Founded in 2012 Lamia has succeeded in building a fast growth path without external investments, staying profitable throughout our existence. We are 100 experts building digital services for some of the most interesting companies in Finland such as St1, Yliopiston Apteekki, Luhta and Verifone. We are a long-term partner for our customers providing high quality digital solutions and ecommerce services all the way from strategy to design and from software development to data services and growth marketing.

Our technologies
We develop high performance Vue applications, headless ecommerce solutions and cloud native microservices. In our projects we widely utilize the capabilities from Google Cloud, Magento 2 and Contentful. When it comes to architectures we prefer modularity which guarantees the scalability of the solutions. For us it is important to build modern digital services with modern tools - we do not necessarily base our work on any specific technology or hang on to legacy systems - instead we prefer the MACH approach: microservices, APIs, cloud native and headless. This allows us to develop future-proof solutions for our customers while making them developer-friendly and efficient to build, expand and develop further.

If you want to hear more about joining the Lamia team, we are happy to discuss with you - contact us anytime!

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