The goal of the cooperation was to develop a broad digital platform that enables, for example, digitalization of sales and providing new services.

Case St1


Order channel covering the whole Scandinavia

Special features

B2C and B2B order management systems, customized product features, integration channel


Magento, IBM MQ, NodeJS, Google Cloud, Percona XtraDB Cluster, Redis Cluster, IBM Integration Gateway

Revolutionizing digital business

The old solutions didn't support the new digital business strategy of St1. Hence, the company decided to invest heavily in sales by putting leading solutions and systems in the use. The goal was to plan and execute modern, omnichannel solutions for St1 and Shell brands.

Case St1

Omni-Channel success

Lamia created Omni-Channel B2C and B2B order systems that utilize various customized fields. The online store was integrated with several backup systems and mobile application. From the beginning it was crucial to acknowledge the expectionally high number of users in the system architecture.