Digital strategy

Becoming digital isn’t a value in itself: services can easily be an investment without return. Hence, all our services are driven by aKPI-driven strategy.

Digital strategy ensures the profitability of you digital investments.


Data + technology + design + strategy = profitable and sustainable growth

Data is the key for a more profitable online business. We create a killer development strategy based on data analysis so that you can reach your business goals. A KPI-measurement system clarifies your business goals to all involved groups and puts your strategy to work. KPI-system should not only be a tool for management. Access to same data sources or reporting systems does not always guarantee same conclusions; a well thought KPI-system gives your metrics the right frame of reference and communicates complex information clearly and effectively to your employees.

To create a competitive edge you can never be left behind in the technological development. We are specialized in e.g. cloud services, modern payment methods, integrations, PWA and machine learning.

Lamia is specialized in omni-channel concepts. Combining offline and online business requires a creative strategy, brand development, technological solutions and a lot of understanding of customer behaviour through our comprehensive service design knowhow. Our trademark is combining human judgement with machine algorithms to create outstanding results.

Digital strategy

Turning data into results

You probably have a clear picture of where you want to take your company; let us help you develop or transform your strategy for the digital world. Knowing how you’re performing and where your company is headed is vital for making any strategic decisions; we’ll make sure you have the information you need to make the most critical decisions regarding your company.


No empty visions, just data-driven performance

Digital strategy
Digital strategy

We believe that it takes a long-term commitment from a partner that can fully concentrate on planning and actively developing the digital business with continuous and tangible results.