Design is a tool to make digital services and platforms functioning, appealing and profitable. We design user-centric digital solutions with a conversion focus, never compromising on the esthetics. Service design methodologies such as design thinking, prototyping and usability studies play a key part in all our design projects.

Lamia Desing-palvelut

What is design and usability?

In digital service design usability and design mean both the process and the end result which make a service easy to use, appealing and practical. The usability and design of online services is created by combining service design, UI/UX design and visual design.

Service design

Service design ensures the product or the service suits the needs of the end-users and creates user paths and structure for the service.

UI/UX design

Mobile first thinking, adaptive elements and optimized user experience are central to our design.

Visual design

Great ideas, services and products need a great visuality. We develop digital brands or build the UI on your existing brand.

It's a visual world

Our design processes last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the size of the project. Between Design Workshops our professional develop the plan further based on data and customer feedback. The clickable prototype is created through many work phases like user research, wireframing and visual design.

Why choose Lamia as your design partner?

  • Strong knowledge of Service Design combined to UI, UX and Visual Design
  • Customer Experience is acknowledged from the communicational viewpoint as well
  • Versatile industry knowledge
  • Technological requirements are acknowledged in the design process
  • Close communication with the client and flexible process models
  • KPI-Driven methods

Inspired by the possibilities of design? We'd love to share our ideas with you.