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Särkänniemi is the second largest amusement park in Finland and was founded as early as 1969. Särkänniemi had a Magento store for ticket sales but updates were needed both in implementation and UI. 



B2C responsive Magento store, data transfer with the integration channel  


Special features

Customized product types, how to make mobile purchases easier 




Magento, ES6, Browserify, redis, SASS

Särkänniemi verkkokauppa yhteistyö

Integration channel

The integration channel enables easy synchronization of customer data and orders in the online store. The fresh colors of the Särkänniemi brand gave a stunning touch to the UI and, in addition, every feature type was given a unique symbol and color. Because Särkänniemi has a separate website, the online store is all about the products: they are listed straight on the front page. More determined customers can filter the products based on their specific needs where as a more considerate customer can scroll their way through the selection. 


Customized product types

Magent's product types were customized to meet the needs of Särkänniemi as the product range is very versatile. The standard features didn't provide enough solutions to order these products. 



Särkänniemi ja Lamia yhteistyö