Software development is the bedrock of digital service development. In our projects we utilize a wide range of technologies: open source and licensed platforms, custom systems built on advanced frameworks and fully customized software development.

Lamia Software Development

Magento 2

We build online stores individually for each project using Magento as the eCommerce platform.

Integrations and architecture

Well-designed systems, responsilities and logics build a foundation for a successful digital service.


Contentful is a high-performance headless CMS solution that is well suited for multi-channel content management.

Full range of digital service development

The most important goal of a software development project is to produce value for our customer's business by creating new business or by enhancing the existing. It is also vital to enable further development, minimize technical debt, maximize the system lifecycle, boost develoment efficiency, digitalize practices and processes and of course always focus on the ROI.

We utilize the best of scrum and kanban methodologies. Our other key characteristics include good communication, high quality standards, insightful solutions and best practices of development such as CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery). In these areas we emphasize the automation of deployment and devops, automated testing, disciplined version management and "every day" deployment. If our customer is not an experienced in software development projects, our scrum master and project manager will train you in these practices. It is also an opportunity to take these value adding practices forward in your own organization.

Sprint model

Agile development - with flexibility

We aim to build intelligent and modular systems from both architectural and process point of view by developing them in smaller parts, in sprints. The purpose is to produce our customers continuous improvements into the system instead of taking six months at our end to have something to show for. The exact methodology is adjusted according to customer specifications as not even the strictest agile methods are a silver bullet to a successful and working project.

Technologies according to customer need

On the server side our technologies include e.g. JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Symfony and Swift and on the browser side e.g. Vue.js, JavaScript, SASS and HTML5. Even if pretty much all languages and frameworks can be used to deliver the same services, it is the business case that dictates the technology choices and not the other way around. We are a fully technology agnostic. Our vast experience and expertise allows us always to define the technologies together with the customer case by case, focusing on the future-proof solutions that fit the use cases and the business case.

Even though technologies are not the starting point, it is important to take into account the scalability, flexibility and the life cycle. We are official partners with Adobe, Magento, Google Cloud and Contentful. In addition we work closely with Canter in product information management systems and with Custobar in marketing automation.

Google Cloud Partner
Adobe Bronze Solution Partner
Contentful SILVER Solutions partner
Magento 2 certified
Google Partner
Yhteistyössä Canter
In cooperation with Custobar

Thinking about technologies for your project? We'd be happy to help.