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Marketing & Communications

With proper marketing you can maximize your online business growth and guarantee a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is built based on a market study and competitor analysis. The budget and means of implementation are chosen to support the overall business strategy. 

Digital Marketing


Both strategy and implementation in all content: ads, blog posts, social media appearance and email marketing. 



Digital Marketing

Online Advertising and Analytics

Search engine marketing, display advertising, email marketing, targeted social media marketing, remarketing, programmatic buying, website development, segments, revenue growth, lead scoring

Dynamic strategies for digital environment


The primary goal of digital marketing and communication is to reach the right audience and then make it easier for them to buy products. Strategy, budget and means of implementation should all reflect the overall business plan and growth goals. 

Without proper data knowledge marketing is easily an investment without return. Hence, Lamia's marketing and communication services have the same business philosophy than software development. All actions are evaluated based on profitability and A/B testing is a strong part of the development. 

Digitaalinen markkinointi ja viestintä palvelut

KPI-driven marketing

By understanding customer's path to purchase we’ll create data-based omnichannel marketing solutions for your needs. Right message at the right time helps you grow your customer relationships, increase brand loyalty and provides you better ROI for your marketing actions. With analytics we aim to create new information, identify patterns and dependencies or calculate forecasts to bring you optimal results and provide information to support your decisions.