Magento eCommerce stores can be utilized mostly as stand-alone systems. As your business grows it’s natural to use a tailored system for every different need. Because there’s a lot of data the systems should be integrated together. Hence all the information will always be up-to-date and you’ll avoid entering extra data.

Keep your data up to date

The web store or ordering system is often integrated in the company’s enterprise resource planning system. In that case the web store’s information like product details, customer information, price lists etc. can be centered into one ERP system. Orders made in the store will be transferred directly to the ERP system. This can be accomplished in real time or at certain times. 


Integrations make a difference

Other examples of integrand and transferable information include customer and product data. If needed, the current stock balance can also be obtained in real time using the ERP system. Integration between web store and the other system can be either uni- or bidirectional.