In business management and development, data is power. By collecting and utilizing data, we will not only be able to solve business challenges but also develop innovations.


Data platforms

Future-proof data platform solves the problem of siloed data and brings it to support management and decision-making.

Machine learning

In the heart of machine learning is data that is processed to benefit the business.

Growth marketing

As the name suggests growth marketing aims to grow sales both short-term and long-term.


Analytics reveals how digital services and marketing work utilizing both strategic and tactic metrics.

Data accumulated from different systems can effectively be used to optimize business operations and automate processes. For example, website usage and visitor data can be used to boost sales and marketing, and improve site search results. Lamia’s Data Team will help you gather useful information and transform it into revenue.

Can you predict sales and optimize your inventory and resources? Would you like to group customers for targeted marketing? Are you recommending products that actually increase sales?

The answer lies in data. Therefore, data is power, especially when properly utilized. A potential business case where machine learning can be utilized is often related to areas such as those listed below:

  • resource optimization
  • minimization of costs
  • usability improvement
  • brand creation
  • sales increase
  • forecasting

You should contact data experts at an early stage of your project because just identifying a data-based business case requires expertise, not only in business but also in data storage and analysis as well as in cloud services.

Comprehensive data management and utilization

Often, companies can find areas for improvement or causal relationships just by analyzing their data. Data science refers to methods for using data in order to gain a deeper understanding of various phenomena for purposes such as forecasting. The methods combine statistics, data analysis and machine learning. Data scientists, together with data engineers and cloud architects, form a team that can handle all the required steps from reading and analyzing the data to real-time and automatic production of a forecasting model.

Achieve goals through data


Using data, we can learn which measures are the most profitable for the business and which are investments that never pay back. Our strengths include a broad vision of digital business development and solid experience in a variety of fields. We get the best results because we have the know-how and we can utilize the data throughout the process and the further development phase.

Data solutions on the Google Cloud Platform

We build extensive data sets using the most modern technologies. The solutions are designed by Lamia’s Google Professional Cloud Architect and Google Professional Data Engineer certified professionals.

Google Cloud Partner
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect
Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer
Google Cloud Certified Professional Machiner Learning Engineer