The preferred location for scalable environments, microservices, integration platforms and data processing tools is often the Google Cloud Platform, of which Lamia is an official partner.

Cloud services

Cloud strategy

Cloud strategy defines the best towards the cloud for your company and the best cloud practices now and later on the roadmap.

Cloud implementations

In cloud implementations the focus is on efficiency so that we can maximize the benefits of cloud.

Service development

Utilizing Google Cloud and microservices in application development saves resources in both maintenance and development.

We select the best public cloud based on the client’s needs

Typically, however, the choice is made between Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have a long history of working with both. The transition from a private platform to a public cloud often takes place through a so-called hybrid cloud. It is important that this transition is carefully planned, which is why we have often helped organizations to design and implement a roadmap for the gradual migration of the entire system architecture to cloud platforms. Read more about cloud strategy.

Why switch to cloud services?

Efficient use of cloud services is one of the cornerstones of modern digital business. When moving to a cloud platform, our clients gain access to the most modern infrastructure, the benefits of the international giants’ data center investments and the economies of scale.

Cloud services provide a natural environment for running e-commerce platforms and microservices, for example. Clear benefits include flexible resources, automatic load scaling, versatile configurations and high-availability environments that are surprisingly easy to set up. In particular, combined with modern DevOps, cloud services achieve significant efficiency in software development.

Cloud services are often seen as nothing more than slightly more agile infrastructure, but in fact, its biggest benefits are completely elsewhere. In addition to running ‘plain’ infrastructure, cloud platforms offer a whole new opportunity for data utilization and availability, microservices, and value-added services such as solutions utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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