The benefits of Progressive Web Application

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are regular web pages or websites, but can appear to the user like traditional applications or native mobile applications. In this article we list the main features and benefits of PWAs.

The benefits of Progressive Web Application

No installation needed

PWA is downloaded in the background automatically when user visits the site

The benefits of Progressive Web Application

Superior to native apps

Has all the same capabilities as a native app, but has also some significant advantages

The benefits of Progressive Web Application

Cross-device compatibility

“App-like” UX on tablets and desktops, in addition to mobile devices

PWA feature highlights

  • Extremely fast load times
  • Ability to use apps offline
  • Push notifications
  • Installation to the home screen
  • Authentication and native UI
  • All application content is indexed to search engines
  • Hardware API & device feature support

Extremely fast loading times

  • Loading of content can be done in the background
  • Preloading the content to a device while the user is browsing
  • Especially useful for mobile connections
  • User experience can be made to feel as smooth as native application
  • Lightning-fast loading times boost conversions on every platform
pwa benefits

Offline mode

  • Works without an Internet connection because the content is preloaded in the background
  • Browsing of the site will not be affected by possible blackouts of Internet connection especially on mobile devices
  • For example: user can create and order even if the internet connection is disrupted. Data is synced immediately after user gets back online.

Push notifications

  • No app installation needed to send native push notifications
    • Marketing automation and user journey possibilities without a native app installation
    • Targeted campaigns
    • Abandoned cart reminders
    • Re-enganing users arter certain time or action
    • Every user can have a customized experience based on their "subscription ID"
  • More engaging way to drive marketing campaigns
  • New channel to approach users (better user experience compared to “spammy” emails)
  • Notifications can be sent to all visitors on website, instead of only people who install application → huge coverage

Installation to the home screen

  • Prompts user to add website to home screen
  • After adding, PWA looks just like a normal native app in OS
  • 5+ minutes using the app, browser will automatically prompt you to add it

Search engine optimization

  • From SE point of view, PWA is a “regular website”: all content is indexed
  • There are remarkable signals that in the future PWA features will be a major ranking factor on Google
  • The content needs to be published only on one platform to be available everywhere