The many sides of Valentin

Lamia’s frontend developer Valentin, Vallu in short, has had a lot of different experiences on his career and that’s why we asked him to tell his story. He talks about his experiences and values not only at work but also in life. And he is absolutely right. We bring the most value when we bravely bring our personality with us. Get to know our valued colleague Vallu from the story below.

Valentin works as a frontend developer at Lamia.

About time

I was born in the USSR. I was a teen when the 1990s arrived and I studied during the time of regression. I was a young man when in the 2000s, I finished university and received my Ph.D. in Control Systems in Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University.

I wanted to become a teacher or a researcher but had no financial perspectives in Russian universities. I worked in industrial companies, dealing with robotics and electricity, but I didn't feel comfortable and started looking for new opportunities. I got an offer to study in Finland where I moved when I was 29. Soon I got my first jobs in Finland, which were related to my studies at Lappeenranta University of Technology where I was doing a Doctorate in Technologies.

I got married in 2011 and in 2012 my eldest son was born. The wave of financial crisis reached us in late 2013. The job market was tough, but I got a new opportunity to change my life again in a solar company. This was my turning point into IT.

About programming

Writing code daily, bug fixing, code investigation, chats with colleagues, meetings with the customers, endless learning and exploring something new... I enjoy creating something that is needed and useful. And in IT I can deliver results quickly. It's very different to changing industrial hardware which sometimes took years.

About team

Team spirit is about helping and supporting each other in everyday life no matter our skillset. At Lamia I feel mixing senior and junior developers in teams works well because everyone is equally eager to learn and to support each other. Recently one interesting project was about creating a credit card process where I cooperated closely with the customer, project managers, designers and backend and frontend developers. I cannot thank enough my great teammates Wellu, Antti, Marc, Yura, Tomi, Laura and other people involved. For me, the greatest value of Lamia is the team. A few months ago I also started working with Nuxt and Vue in a new exciting project and received great support from my project manager Markus and lead developer Jean.

About family

"It's only when I lose myself in someone else that I find myself." (song by Depeche Mode)

My family makes my life complete. We, humans, we always plan something, scared to lose our freedom. But we fail again and again. Because life should go on naturally, and we shouldn't restrict the ways our love grows (when bound to devotion). Because true love provides freedom and happiness we are all looking for. Our children, the ones who are sometimes so difficult, are the essence of love, they show how much we are all able to love with our wound hearts.

Thus, programming is an important part of my life, but I reject the programming of life.

About life

As time goes by, you quickly realize the years are leaking like water. In 100 years no one will probably remember our names and our daily problems. My code will probably then be improved, rewritten, forgotten for the sake of something new. But now that we live, we feel true importance of our existence. I believe we are here to help each other and make the world a little bit better place to live. This brotherhood in time is good to remember.

About faith

I am a man of faith. Not a good one, really. But I'm trying to do my best at my job. Sometimes I fail. Truly speaking, I fail all the time. But, when it happens, I feel the force, which continues moving me on. I think I wouldn't make anything useful if I wouldn't fail. I don't believe our life is pre-programmed for misfortunes, but I'm sure it's guided by someone who loves us and makes good things even out of our failures.

I enjoy creating something that is needed and useful.